Pfizer Medical Information

Another Pfizer/FFW collaboration, the Medical Information site is an important repository for everything you could want to know about the medications that Pfizer offers. With the old site getting very long in the tooth, both technically and visually, our team began the process of a complete redesign in the fall of 2019.

The project kicked off with three days of on-site workshops held at the NYC headquarters. Following the user-centered design process, we worked together with the Pfizer team to capture business goals, personas, customer journeys, etc. Next, we moved on to high-fidelity wireframes. Lastly, we finished up with design comps (all done by yours truly).

This project was especially challenging because of all of the legal restrictions regarding what can and can’t be displayed country by country. (e.g. Only showing search results if they put in the exact keywords!) And, knowing that the site would eventually be translated into dozens of languages added to the fun.

All in all I’m especially proud of these designs, and feel it’s a huge improvement over the old site.

See it live here.

Image of the new events page

Image one: The new HCP home page

Image of new drug landing page

Image two: A new drug landing page

Image of the new medication listing page

Image three: The new medication listing page

Image of the new search results page

Image four: The new search results page

Image of the old home page

Image five: The old home page

Image of the old medication listing page

Image six: The old medication listing page