My name is Hugh, and I’m a ...

visual designer

(I make things look good)

interaction designer

(I make things easy to use)

information architect

(I see the big picture)

client-side developer

(I can code my designs in HTML & CSS)


(And proud of it)

What’s so special about me? I’m skilled in almost every aspect of user experience (UX) design: visual and interface design, information architecture, client-side code, and even writing. (Ask someone who knows, and they’ll tell you that’s pretty rare.)

The fun doesn’t end there. I’m proficient with HTML and CSS (I was especially fortunate to have one of the best teachers in the biz), know my way around a Git repo, and have learned enough Ruby on Rails to be dangerous.

Currently, I’m looking for full-time work with the right team. Although I’m open to doing just visual or interaction design, my ideal project combines all of the above. (I especially love taking existing products and finding ways to improve them.) If you think I could be the Stimpy to your Ren, contact me at or 208-850-4525.

Some of my favorite projects. See the rest in the portfolio section.
Thumbnail image of the Think Vitamin site Thumbnail image of the Blue Sign property detail page Thumbnail image of the Tattered Fly home page